Industrial Microwave and RF Heating

Industrial Microwave and RF Heating

Smart technology solutions.

We use advanced solid state microwave technology to maximize efficiencies and control. Designed by—and for—industrial microwave engineers, we hold extensive foundational patents on our technology: nothing else is like it on the market. With accurate precision and lower total cost of ownership, our microwave solutions are a smart choice.

Scalable, modular family of solid state microwave generators covering 433 MHz, 915MHz, 2.45GHz, and 5.8 GHz ISM Bands for Industrial applications
Building blocks from 100 W to 2.5 kW of intelligent power modules; configurable up from 1 kW to 100 kW total power
For scientific applications, such as RF energy source for particle accelerators, according to specific customer requirements, in the frequency range from VHF to 5.8 GHz, for powers up to several hundred kW
A highly effective use of radio wave technology

Microwaves are radio waves that operate in discrete frequency bands; they are non-ionizing and non-nuclear. Unlike all other methods of heating—which begin heating from the surface and move inward—microwaves simultaneously penetrate all parts of the material so that heating occurs uniformly. This is called volumetric heating.

Microwaves produce heat by vibrating polarized molecules (usually water molecules), at almost a billion times per second. The resulting friction converts the radio waves to heat and vaporizes the water. Molecules of other non-polar substances, such as protein, fat and fiber, do not readily absorb microwave energy, and so they don’t heat up as much. This effect, combined with the evaporation of surrounding water, keeps the microwaved product cooler than in conventional gas-fired dryers. Since nearly all the RF heating energy applied removes water, unlike conventional dryers where a lot of the energy is lost heating air and steel, microwave RF drying is also more efficient. The dryers typically have 80%+ energy efficiency compared to round 50% for gas-fired rotary drum dryers.


The Power of Solid State

Industrial microwave solid state vs. magnetron

Industry microwave users traditionally rely on magnetron technology for their power source. However, today’s users are turning to solid state solutions which provide significant advantages including precision power, frequency and phase control with ultra-fast response time. Solid state power provides pure, clean RF heating with a rated lifetime of over 500,000 hours of use, versus only the few thousand hours typical of a magnetron.

Powering our solid state microwave total solutions.

The competitive advantage to our industrial microwave solutions is PrecisePower™, our patented solid state software solution which includes a suite of services including 3D EM simulations, chamber design, system and process design, installation and commissioning.

The PrecisePower software solution complements our family of solid state power generators, and covers the two major ISM bands, 902-928 MHz (L-Band) and 2400-2500 MHz (S-band). Various system sizes are available, covering 2.5 kW to 100 kWs on the L-band systems and 1 to 12 kW on the S-Band systems. All systems are frequency agile and capable of operating either at a single fixed frequency, or in a frequency sweep mode that can cover the entire ISM band.

  • Utilizes next generation high-power LDMOS RF power transistors
  • Continuous wave (CW) and high-speed pulse modes
  • Precise control of output power, frequency and phase
  • Frequency agile over entire ISM bands
  • Comprehensive Windows-based user software
  • Automatic load matching/tuning
  • Intelligent frequency hopping for optimal spatial field distribution in applicator
  • Transistor lifetime over 500,000 operating hours
  • Highly reliable and fault tolerant
  • Special functions for gas plasma generators

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