Multi-Channel VHF/UHF/L-Band Power Amplifier


Product Description

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Multi-Channel VHF/UHF/L-Band Power Amplifier

The Crescend Technologies Multi-Channel High Power Amplifier is a small, lightweight (<10 lbs.) amplifier fully capable of extending the communication range for legacy and next generation waveforms. The combination of two internal frequency channels (UHF, VHF/L-Band) provide for Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Systems (SINCGARS) with flexibility supporting TrellisWare’s TSM Waveform, DAMA SATCOM and the Multiple User Objective System Waveform. The compact design is an ideal choice for airborne applications and compliant to MIL STD 704E.

Performance Advantages

  • Compact size, weight and power
  • Addresses airborne rotary/fixed wing (manned/unmanned) platforms
  • Configurable waveforms/frequency bands for AM/FM LOS, SRW, WNW, SINCGARS, ANW2, ATC, HAVEQUICK I/II, TSM-X, P25, DAMA, SATCOM
  • Capable of two channel simultaneous operation
    • 1 narrowband channel: 30-88 MHz @ 50 W
    • 1 wideband channel
      • 225-450 MHz @ 25 W, 1250-1450 MHz, 1755-2500 MHz @ 25 W for SRW (GMSK)
      • 1250-1450 MHz, 1755-2600 MHz @50 W PEP
    • DC (aircraft bus power) input from 18-36 V, nominal power consumption
    • Configurable to any airborne radio interface
    • Cosite mitigation for adjacent channels
    • Form factor: 9.0″L x 3.0″W x 6.0″H w/o connectors
    • RF input frequency sensing
    • Automatic Leveling Control (ALC)
    • VSWR sensing
    • 10% offset TX & RX filters (-30 dBc)
    • Selectable RX one or two LNA gain stages
    • Environmentally sealed design meeting all MIL STD 810 requirements
    • Failsafe by-pass path

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range30 MHz-88 MHz narrowband
116 MHz-174 MHz ATC
225 MHz-450 MHz
1250 MHz-1450 MHz wideband
1755 MHz-2600 MHz
RF Input Power0.5 W minimum
10 W maximum
RF Output Power25 W SRW, 50 W narrowband (SINCGARS) and WNW 50 W PEP
Duty Cycle100% continuous
Harmonics and Spurious-55 dBc 2nd & 3rd, -70 dBc typical
Receiver Noise Figure<6 dB
Output Load Impedance50 ohm nominal
Input/Output Port VSWR1:5:1 (50 ohms)
Load VSWR3.0:1 max VSWR
DC Input Voltage18-36 Vdc, MIL 1275 & MIL 704 options
DC Power Consumption150 W per channel
Environmental-55C to +100C
-40C to +60C
Interfaces ProvidedSPI - Will support customized interfaces as required
Connector InterfaceN, TNC, as specified

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