Multi-Channel Wide Band Amplifier (MCA)

Product Description

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Multi-Channel Wide Band Amplifier (MCA)

The Dual Channel High Power Amplifier is a small, lightweight amplifier fully capable of extending the communication range for legacy and next generation waveforms.  The combination of two internal frequency channels (UHF, VHF/L-Band) provide for User Definable simultaneous 2 channel operation. The compact design is an ideal choice for airborne applications and compliant to MIL STD 704E.

Performance Advantages

  • Configurable waveforms/frequency band for TSM-X, VHF/UHF, AM/FM LOS, SRW, SINCGARS, ANW2, ATC, HAVEQUICK I/II, P25, DAMA, SATCOM
  • Compact Size, Weight, and Power
  • Addresses Airborne Rotary/Fixed Wing (manned/unmanned) platforms
  • Capable of simultaneous Dual Channel operation
  • DC (aircraft bus power) input from 18-36V, nominal power consumption
  • RF Input frequency sensing
  • Configurable to any airborne radio interface
  • Cosite mitigation for adjacent channels
  • 10% offset TX & RX filters (-30dBc)
  • Form factor: 10.0”L x 3.0”W x 6.0”H w/o connectors
  • Weight: 8.5lbs
  • Automatic Leveling Control (ALC)
  • VSWR sensing
  • Selectable RX one or two LNA gain stages
  • Environmentally sealed design meeting all MIL STD 810 requirements
  • Flight Safety qualified
  • Failsafe by-pass path

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range30-512MHz & 1250MHz-2600MHz
RF Input Power0.5 W minimum
10 W maximum
RF Output Power30-512 MHz 50W
1250-2600 MHz 25W
Duty Cycle100% continuous
Harmonics and SpuriousCE106, typically
Output Load Impedance50 Ohm nominal
Input/Output Port VSWR1:5:1 (50 Ohms)
Load VSWR3.0:1 max
DC Input Voltage10-36Vdc, MIL 1275 and MIL 704 options
DC Power Consumption200 W per channel
Environmental -40C to +60C
Interfaces Providedcustomizable: RS 232, 422 485, LVDS, Ethernet
Connector InterfaceN, TNC, as specified

*Will support battery operation as required.

Finish can be specified, otherwise chemical conversion coating clear as standard.

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