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Product Description

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Power Supply

These offline power supplies are designed for easy integration, featuring threaded mounting studs and heavy duty terminal blocks for both input and output connections. Designed for powering communications equipment, extra filtering makes these products perfect for powering any 24 Volt equipment. A current-mode design ensures fast transient response and rugged performance.

Feature Highlights

  • High Efficiency MOSFET Design
  • Isolated Output
  • Current Limiting
  • Fuse Protection
  • Input & Output Filtering
  • Terminal Block Connectors
  • Low Profile
  • Lightweight
  • Industry Proven

Product Specifications

Input Voltage Range105-130/190-250 VAC (Internally Switchable)
Input Frequency Range50 – 60 Hz
Output Voltage13.8 VDC +/- 150 mV
Output Current (Cont.)30.0 Amps
Output Current (Peak)32.0 Amps
Current Limiting34.0 Amps +/- 5%
Line Regulation<1%
Load Regulation<1%
Efficiency (Typ)85%
Input Fuse10 Amps
Size9.3"L x 5.65" W x 2.3"H
MountingFour #6 Pems, 4"x 6" Spacing
Weight3.2 lb.
CoolingThermally Controlled Fan

Bypass Relay Option

A Bypass Relay is used if the base station is a simplex type (transmit and receive is handled on the same connector). There are two connections: one to the antenna and one to the transceiver. This option also functions as a power down bypass relay, meaning that if the amplifier AC or DC power is lost, the switch automatically bypasses the amplifier so the transceiver is connected to the antenna in both transmit and receive. Normal operation resumes once the amplifier is again properly powered on. The relay switching operation at the amplifier is sensed by rf from the transmitter.

T/R Switch Option

A T/R Switch may be required if the base station has separate transmit and receive ports (connectors) and only one antenna. There are three connections: one to the antenna, one to the transmit connector and one to the receive connector. The relay switching operation at the amplifier is sensed by rf from the transmitter.

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