Why Crescend

better, smarter and more powerful RF Amplifier System solutions.

Expertise. Dependability. Flexibility. Everyone says them; few companies stand by them like Crescend.

Those concepts are the pillars from which we started our company.  They are the values with which we strive to consistently maintain.

A few things to know about us and our core values:

We put our customers first. When making decisions, we always seek to do what is right and fair for our customer.

We innovate by leveraging our core competency and experience.  As a long-time industry leader in a highly technically niche field of RF amplifiers, and an early innovator in RF Energy and solid state technology for Industrial, Scientific and Medical applications, we are strongly positioned to reshape the way industries use RF Energy.  Our products are disrupting old magnetron technology models and creating more efficient, safer, and reliable systems that are extremely low maintenance by comparison.

Our proven process makes innovation accessible and the time to market faster.  Our process begins with understanding customers goals and concerns, defining expected outcomes and approach, confirming theories and models with prototype and beta-testing to implementing final product design (prototype 2), manufacture and ramp up.   Our goal is to design turn-key solutions to meet customers specific needs, offering a customized product at a fair price.

We are considerate.  We carefully consider each business decision, understanding the consequences of our actions.  This is transparent in our internal departments and organization as well as our external partnerships with our customers and vendors.

Integrity is essential. We believe in the right thing, every time.  Integrity is a core value.  It’s visible.  You’ll see it embodied in our staff, our management approach, our processes and in our manufactured products. You’ll also see it embodied in the way we conduct business internally and externally.


We are powered by:

RF Amplifier Systems are at the core of our business and passion. Our products demonstrate our expertise in Gallium Nitride (GaN), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), and Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor (LDMOS) designs.

We take great pride in being a trusted partner of the leading customers in our core markets. We work with top tier U.S. Public Safety OEMS, leading U.S. Defense Contractors and a vast array of cutting edge RF Energy customers to deploy Solid State MW technology.

We achieve this with a factory staff that is driven by customer needs, and a collaborative approach that also incorporates our sales, marketing, production, quality, program management and engineering teams. Each team member provides unique strengths and experience that helps us create complete solutions, as well as deliver superior support services.

With a customer base that supports Mission Critical Communication Systems in Public Safety, Military and Defense markets, dependability isn’t an option: it’s mandatory.

Crescend delivers high performance, quality amplifier systems that meet demanding requirements, and that are developed with in-house design and manufacturing capabilities from our two locations.

All our designs are subjected to our internal accelerated life testing (ALT) chambers before they are released to the markets, and are backed by 3-year warranties and a comprehensive quality management system.

We hold AS9100:D and ISO9001:2105 certifications.

With our comprehensive in-house capabilities, from design to production, we can rapidly react to ever-changing market demands and customer schedules. While most of our competitors rely on an outsourced CM, our state-of-the-art pick and place equipment allows us to control the front end manufacturing process.  This provides for the ultimate in flexibility and turnaround time.

Crescend high-power amplifiers incorporate the latest technology in smart digital control so our customers can simply “plug and play.” Our amplifiers can monitor, sense and adjust to the environment, accommodating various input signals without any manual tuning, thereby achieving a fully stable, linear and consistent amplifier output.

Together, we can amplify your results.