Are industrial microwaves safe? 5.06.16

Microwaves are a kind of high frequency radio wave.  In fact, the frequencies are the same as used by many consumer devices including cellular phones, WIFI, Bluetooth, and many other wireless devices.  Radio waves (RF) are a type of electromagnetic waves called non-ionizing radiation.  Despite uninformed slang about “nuking” a sandwich in the microwave, it has absolutely nothing to do with radioactivity.  There are no known health risks associated with low power radio waves.  Regardless, the government sets specific standards for maximum microwave leakage.  In the US, the OSHA limit is a maximum of 5 milliwatts per square centimeter.  For comparison, your smartphone can transmit 200 times more power (1 watt) in the same frequency range.  Still, it’s not a good idea to heat parts of your body with microwaves.

All of our microwave equipment uses completely sealed metallic enclosures to prevent unintentional microwave leakage.  All doors use special RF absorbing gasket material to prevent leakage.  All of our equipment has elaborate safety interlocks to make sure it can be operated if a door is open or there is any other unsafe condition.  We offer low cost leakage tester and encourage our customers to make testing a routine preventative maintenance action. Cellencor can provide copies of US Government publication on this subject.

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