About Crescend

About Crescend

Crescend Technologies, LLC was originally established in 1979 as a manufacturer of high-power amplifiers for the Public Safety market.

For the first 20 years, Crescend’s core focus and area of specialization has been providing amplifiers for the Land Mobile Radio and Paging market.  Known for superior performance and reliability, ruggedness and durability, many Crescend amps are still in the field 20+ years performing to specifications.  Crescend continues to provide high-power RF amplifiers to many of the top Public Safety/Land Mobile Radio (LMR) OEM’s and Commercial Communications markets.

Crescend acquired Powerwave’s Land Mobile Radio (LMR) division in 2000 broadening its scope. Continuing to evolve product offering to meet the growing demands of its customers, Crescend acquired PMT RF for the pallet and module manufacturing business.

In 2014, Crescend acquired IDSI, LLC.  IDSI became Crescend’s Defense Solutions division. This division, based in Pennsylvania, designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of RF amplifiers, microwave amplifiers and amplifier-based subsystems. Products cover frequency bands from HF to SHF, for a multitude of Department of Defense markets, including both Communications (man-portable, vehicular, airborne and shipboard) and Electronic Defense (electronic attack and electronic protection).

Drawing upon the collective experience of a seasoned team of more than three dozen engineering professionals whose work spans over three decades in Commercial Communication (public safety, land mobile radio, and paging) and Military and Defense, Crescend has been a leader in the specialization of high power RF Amplification.

In 2019, leveraging core competencies in RF amplifier design, development and manufacture, Crescend was the first US-based company to design, develop, manufacture and commission a large-scale 200 kilowatt solid state microwave generator system in the field for industrial biomass drying/RF heating use.  The system is comprised of four Crescend PTL-50 (50 kW) Microwave Generators combined to produce 200 kilowatts of total power.   This launched Crescend’s Industrial Microwave product line.

In 2020 Crescend continued on the growth trajectory and launched an Innovation Center at the Schaumburg, IL headquarters office focusing on next generation products and the RF Energy market for applications in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands.

Crescend’s Very High-Power (VHP) Solid-State Microwave Generators can be used for applications such as: Microwave Pyrolysis, RF Heating, Microwave Plasma Generation, Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), biomass drying, tempering/annealing, carbon nanotube growth, coal to liquid, waste recycling, medical/industrial waste disposal, microwave assisted thermal sterilization/pasteurization, hydrogen reforming, syngas generation, semiconductor processing equipment, accelerators (linear, particle, storage rings, ion collider) and more.

Advanced development of solid-state microwave technology is an alternative to high maintenance magnetron tube microwave generators that require tube replacement every two to eight thousand hours.  Crescend’s Solid State Microwave generators are built to be highly reliable with precision frequency and power control, with RF power transistors that have 500,000+ hour MTBF.  With lower total cost of ownership, our microwave solutions are a smart choice.

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