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Crescend designs and manufactures advanced solid state microwave generator systems that can be incorporated into a wide range of OEM systems. Our extensive expertise in RF engineering delivers purpose-built modular components that deliver high efficiency, reliability and precision frequency control.

Advanced Microwave Power Solutions​

Crescend’s USA-built High Power Solid State Microwave Generators and Amplifiers offer from 250 watts to hundreds of kilowatts between 10 MHz and 5.8 GHz, depending on the requirements of your application. 

We cover all ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) RF bands using a common hardware and control software architecture. Our integrated system combines an advanced solid state high power generator and a powerful analytical instrument with patented software in one enclosure. This offers a powerful turn-key product suite for system integrators to easily integrate into existing and new systems. We partner with companies across a wide variety of industries to integrate microwave technology solutions into larger systems that require the unique capabilities and benefits that RF microwave energy can provide. Common industries and processes that benefit from the use of microwave energy include:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Medical devices
  • Particle accelerator based systems
  • Composites and films manufacturing
  • RF Heating, Drying and Thermal Processing
  • Material curing
  • Biomass processing
  • Food processing
  • Plasma reaction based systems
  • Waste to energy
  • Material sterilization
  • Chemical vapor deposition

Our Solid State Microwave Generators are built in the USA of the highest-quality components in our newly-expanded manufacturing facility.

  • High Power LDMOS (laterally-diffused metal-oxide semiconductor) solid state RF transistors, with a long mean time to failure (MTTF).
  • Solid State GaN (Gallium Nitride) power transistors.
  • Highly reliable, long lasting and fault tolerant, by design.
  • Windows-based control software suite.
  • Automatic load matching and tuning.
  • Precision control over output power, frequency and phase 
  • Agile frequency control over the entire ISM band
  • Special pulsed output function for gas plasma generators

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