Crescend Celebrates 40 Years of Service

Crescend RF

Crescend is celebrating its 40th year in business, designing and manufacturing RF Amplifier solutions for multiple wireless communication and RF markets. Crescend is a premier quality supplier of smart RF Power Amplifier products for the Commercial, Land Mobile, Defense, and RF Energy markets. From our roots in 1979, we are a multi-division and multinational source, trailblazing innovative and high reliability products, serving a wide scope of applications.

Our RF products range from standard, complete digitally controlled amplifiers to meeting unique customer requirements. Crescend’s diverse engineering team produces air and liquid cooled amplifiers, specialty form factors, utilizes the latest semiconductor devices, and covers the RF spectrum from 100 kHz to 40 GHz.

Crescend continues growing and advancing our core principles of providing a cost effective, reliable and quality product. Thank you to all our customers and dedicated staff.

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