12.5kW L-Band 902-928 MHz Solid State High-Power Microwave Generator

2.5kW L-Band 902-928 MHz Solid State High-Power Microwave Generator

Key Features

  • Generator is controlled with utilizing an easy to use, Windows™ based software package allowing control of:
    • Frequency (902-928 MHz)
    • Average power settings
    • Frequency sweeping menu enabling electronic stirring within customer’s applicator
    • Graphical display comparable to a vector network analyzer (VNA) showing best frequency selection based on load measurements.
  • Built in Forward and Reflected power measurement when not using external high-power isolator
  • Frequency and phase coherent capable between multiple generators
  • Long Life, highly reliable construction
  • WR975 Waveguide output with CPR975F Flange

Microwave Power Output

Model Max Nominal Power
PTL-12.5W9-PREHU-0 12.5 KW
  • Power set resolution input values: 1 watt
  • Power Amplifiers: Rugged LDMOS transistors
  • Comprised of Qty 6, 2.5 kW modular power blades
  • Integrated RF output timer
  • Power control accuracy: 0.1%
  • Power measurement indicators: Forward & Reflected
  • Maximum Reverse Power Handling: 3,000 W absolute 

These are preliminary specifications. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

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