200 kW 902-928 MHz Solid State High-Power

200 kW 902-928 MHz Solid State High-Power System

Crescend’s High-Power System has been developed for full scale production use in Plasma, Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis (MAP), Microwave Assisted Chemistry (MAC) and Mining applications.  Alternative configurations are possible based on available space.  Plug and Play solutions integrated into ISO Containers available as well.

Key Features

  • High Power Output into a single waveguide output
  • System is controlled with utilizing an easy to use, software package allowing control of:
    • Frequency (902-928 MHz)
    • Power setting
  • Pulse Mode: Under Development, contact Crescend
  • Internal power control via a distributed RF network
  • Forward/Reflected power and return loss indicators

Microwave Power Output

  • Up to 200 kilowatt continuous power output
  • Power set resolution: 1 killowatt at full power
  • Maximum Mismatch/Reverse Power: 48 kW or up to 100% with external Isolators
  • WR975 / IEC R9 / RSCS WG4 Waveguide output with CPR975F Flange

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