Material Testing

Material Testing

We have an several industrial microwave generators on-site that allow us to do advanced feasibility, quality and economic studies.These studies can usually estimate exhaust needs, power usage and cost per pound water removed or product produced as well as other useful calculated data.

Crescend Test Facility

Material testing

Crescend’s microwave test facility is used for customer product  trials and processing research. It contains a heavily instrumented 75 kilowatt system dedicated to product testing, as well as a dielectric lab with the ability to do small quantity testing. This service is conducted with an emphasis on accurate measurement of process characteristics and energy efficiency. There is no charge to prospective customers for this initial service.

On-Site Rental System

Material testing

A 150 kilowatt transportable system is available for on-site testing at customer facilities. The system includes one or two 75 kilowatt generators and one 12’ drying oven with a flexible single or double belt conveyor. This system is available for rental by the week or month. The customer is responsible for cooling water and providing electric service. A rental diesel power unit can be used if 480 volt three phase electric service is not available.

Laboratory Analysis

Material testing

Not only do we have a highly instrumented microwave test system, but we also have an increasingly sophisticated test lab with microscopes, halogen moisture analyzers, convection lab oven, deep freezer, centrifuge, precise microbalance and scales. This gives us the added tools to do other testing such as very precise moisture content assays, microscopy, compositional analysis, dielectric testing and pH balance, just to name a few.

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