Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Crescend’s electrically powered microwave systems using our solid-state generators use one third to one half of the BTUs per pound of water removed when compared to conventional dryer systems. Additionally, electric power offers the possibility of utilizing energy from green sources such as wind power or biomass cogeneration (CHP). Microwave systems are also an excellent choice for locations where natural gas is not available. 

Environmentally Friendly

Clean microwave drying is far more environmentally friendly than rotary dryers. In many cases no special exhaust treatment is needed. Because of the lower temperatures involved and lack of combustion, the microwave system’s exhaust is mostly water vapor, making it much cleaner than other dryers. In depth environmental testing of the process has been performed by an independent laboratory on-site at an operating ethanol plant. Detailed environmental data is available from Cellencor.


The wet product is laid on a belt and not agitated, reducing particulate emissions to virtually nil. Odors are dramatically reduced compared to conventional dryers.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): 

Due to the low temperature process, the only VOCs present will be from evaporation of any traces compounds present in the wet product.

Combustion Products:

There is no combustion so there are no combustion products (COx, NOx).

A New Application for a Well Established Technology

High-power industrial microwave systems are a tried and proven technology. Developed shortly after World War II as an outgrowth of radar technology, thousands of industrial microwave systems are in daily use around the world. Primary applications are the preparation of human foods, such as cooking foods, tempering frozen meat and butter, etc. Microwaves are also used in the production of engineered wood products and textiles. Cellencor was the first to recognize the unique potential of microwave technology for biofuel production and to bring these solutions to the industry.

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