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Conveyor Belt Oven

These applicators are widely used for drying solid or granular materials, and cooking food products. A conveyor belt carries the product through a stainless-steel oven. They are available in a wide range of sizes. The belt can be solid or open type and can range from 24” to 60” wide. Microwave energy is applied from the top of the oven using waveguide feeds.  For high volume processing needs, multiple ovens can be connected in series using a common conveyor belt. Most ovens are FDA-compliant for food processing.

A programmable logic controller (PLC) and touch-panel operator HMI provides integrated control of the oven and one or more of Crescend’s PTL microwave generator(s).  Additionally, it can be easily interfaced with material handling equipment and plant distributed control systems. Temperature sensors on the oven allow the PLC to provide close-loop microwave power control for maintaining exact process temperatures.

Typical System Options:

  • The oven can be equipped with an exhaust system.
  • Temperature controlled feedback control using PID loop

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