Microwave Mixers

Microwave Mixers

Microwave Mixers

We offer a wide variety of microwave mixers available in capacity sizes from 1.5 ft³ to 400 ft³. These horizontal mixing vessels have large rotating paddles that agitate, fluidize, and blend the product as microwaves are applied. These systems are especially efficient at processing powders, pellets, and slurries. Common applications include processing lithium battery electrolytes, drying ceramic and plastic beads, heating polymers, agricultural products, and carbon nanomaterials.

These mixers do an excellent job at effectively heating, cooking or drying products, more so than conventional conduction, convection, or direct injection systems. There are also other added benefits of mixing while microwaving such as extremely consistent and even heating. The blender’s fluidization action assures homogeneous mixes independent of large range of particle size, shape, or density. It is also extremely gentle with fragile ingredients.

  • Fast Process Times
  • Homogenized Mixing
  • Uniform Heat Distribution
  • Highly Accurate Temperature Control
  • Higher Energy Efficiency
  • Easy to Maintain and Operate

This combination of features saves time in processing, money in reduced capital equipment costs and save valuable factory floor space. 

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