1-525 MHz
25W Solid State Broadband High-Power Module Amplifier

1-525 MHz 25W Solid State Broadband High-Power Module Amplifier

The PM1-525-10 is a 10W, Class A linear amplifier module for the 1-525 MHz band. It offers superior performance offering high gain and power in a small module footprint using advanced broadband matching techniques and the finest Gold MOSFET transistors available on the market today. Matched for 50 ohms input and output, the PM1-525-10 is a Class A amplifier providing a minimum of 10 watts P1dB making this the natural choice for your broadband applications.


  • 10 Watts P1dB Class A
  • 50 Ohms input/output
  • Bandwidth 1-525 MHz
  • Optional amplifier enable (0.0 VDC), disable (+5.0 Vdc), TTL enable/disable time 10 msec.
  • All Gold MOSFETS for maximum reliability


(Vsupply=+28VDC, Idq=2.0A, Tbase=25oC)

Maximum Ratings

Parameter Min. Typ Max. Unit
Frequency 1 525 MHz
Pout CW P1dB 40 dBm
Power In -5 dBm
Gain 42 45 dB
Gain Flatness /-1.5 dB
Drain Current 2.2 Amps
Input R/L -14 dB
Supply Voltage 24 28 30 Volt
IMD3, 2 tone 10W PEP, ∆f=10KHz -34 -28 dBc
2nd Harmonic -30 -20 dBc
3rd Harmonic -30 -25 dBc
Physical Dimensions 2.0"x4.0"x1.0"
Parameter Units
Supply Voltage 30 VDC
Bias Current 2.5 Amps
Drain Current 3.0 Amps
Load Mismatch All phase angles, current limited to 3.0A ∞ :1
Storage Temp -40° - +105°C
Case Op. Temp. 0° - +60°C

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