25W Solid State Broadband High-Power Pallet Amplifier

88-108MHz 25W Solid State Broadband High-Power Pallet Amplifier

The PP88-108-25 is a 25W pallet amplifier for the 88-108MHz band. Superior performance is provided offering high gain, efficiency and power in a small pallet footprint using advanced broadband RF matching networks, and the finest gold MOSFET transistors available on the market today. Matched for 50 ohms input and output, thermal tracking bias allows for the PP88-108-25 to operate Class A providing 25 watts linear output power, making this the natural choice for your high-power linear broadcast and communications applications.


  • 10 Watts P1dB Class A
  • 50 Ohms input/output
  • Bandwidth 1-525 MHz
  • Optional amplifier enable (0.0 VDC), disable (+5.0 Vdc), TTL enable/disable time 10 msec.
  • All Gold MOSFETS for maximum reliability


(Vsupply=+28VDC, Idq=3.25A, Pout =45W, Tbase=25oC)

Maximum Ratings

Parameter Min. Typ Max. Unit
Frequency 88 108 MHz
P1dB 40 45 Watts
Gain 34 36 dB
Pout Linear 25 Watts
Power In 11 18 mW
Drain Current 3.6 4 Amps
Efficiency 40 45 %
Input VSWR 1.5:1
2nd Harmonic -25 dBc
3rd Harmonic -18 dBc
Baseplate Operating Temp 0 60 °C
Size 2.0"x5.4"x1.0"
Parameter Units
Input Voltage +32 VDC
Bias Current 3.25A
Drain Current 4.5A
Load Mismatch All phase angles, current limited to 3.0A 3:01
Baseplate Temp. +60°C
Storage Temp -40° - +105°C

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