Gas Plasmas

Gas Plasmas

Solid state microwave power is revolutionizing gas plasma systems.  They are widely used in CVD man-made diamond production, gas reforming for hydrogen and ammonia production, pyrolysis of waste materials, and semiconductor manufacturing. 

Compared to legacy magnetron generators, solid state systems offer:

  • Frequency agility to optimally match the load impedance of the plasma chamber. This leads to greater energy efficiency.
  • High speed pulse mode modulation (ask us for latest advancements)
  • Spectrally pure and extremely stable output.
  • High power output up to 100’s of kilowatts
  • Fast and precise power control easily interfaced to user control systems.
  • Far superior reliability than magnetron generators
  • Phase control of multiple generators

Crescend’s solid state generator incorporates patented (US 11,646,177) features specifically for plasma systems.  There features include:

  • Automatic ignition pulse
  • Post-ignition frequency and power shift
  • Automatic selection of optimum operating frequency
  • Automatic re-ignition
Gas Plasma

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