Industrial Material Processing

Industrial Material Processing

Microwave heating allows faster chemical reactions, and higher yields even in solvent-free processes. This heating mode provides a better alternative to conventional heating by reducing time and energy consumption, which reduces the costs and ecological impact of material processing.

Some processes that are well suited to microwave heating include:

  • Drying carbon black
  • Processing polymers
  • Sintering metal powders
  • Drying clay and ceramics prior to firing
  • Drying and heating of wood
  • Curing carbon fiber composites
  • Drying desiccants and adsorbents
  • Drying raw filter materials
  • Curing fiberglass components
  • Processing packaging materials
  • Curing particle board and veneers
  • Polyesters
  • Rubber vulcanization
  • Drying sand metal casting molds

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