Green Energy and Power-to-X

Green Energy and Power-to-X

Alternative energy processes are among the fastest growing RF and Microwave energy applications.   Electrically powered microwave systems are uniquely well suited for green energy, decarbonization and Power-to-X applications.   Microwaves can be used effectively for production of important energy source gases including hydrogen, ammonia, and syngas.  

Power-to-X is generally defined as a pathway of electricity conversion that uses surplus electric power to generate other fuels or product of value. Some of the advanced processes currently using Crescend microwave power include:

    • Plasma-based dry reforming of methane to produce hydrogen and high purity solid carbon
    • Catalytic production of ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen gases
    • Catalytic reforming of carbon dioxide to hydrogen and carbon monoxide
    • Syngas production of syngas from pyrolysis of waste plastics

Our systems engineering team has extensive expertise in the design of specialized applicators for these applications, including very high pressure and temperature processes.

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