Mining and Minerals

Mining and Minerals

Crescend can provide containerized, greater than four hundred  kilowatt-class (400 kW) microwave power systems that can achieve the high process rates required for calcination applications.  The limit of combined power is only limited by the capabilities of the transmission line (waveguide) used in the system.

Ore Fracturing

Exposure to high power microwaves of many types of minerals, especially metal ores, causes fracturing at micro and/or macro scales. Microwaves selectively heat metal ore, while typically gangue does not heat at all. This creates strong thermal stresses within the pebbles due to thermal expansion, causing fracturing. This effect can significantly improve performance and reduce energy consumption of beneficiation processing and subsequent milling operations.

Crescend’s PTL-200 high power containerized microwave system [insert link] was originally designed for specific requirements of the mining industry.  It can be quickly installed at the mine site with a minimum of on-site work.  It can be easily moved as needed.   The high reliability and minimal maintenance requirements of Crescend’s solid state generator technology is especially important at typically remote mine locations.

Microwave fracturing of non-ore minerals has benefits as well. Cutting operations are faster with significantly reduced tool wear.

Crescend’s Microwave engineering team has experience in the design of microwave applicators for mining applications and can contribute microwave know-how to your project.

Lithium Ore Calcination

Calcination is a required pre-treatment to convert α-spodumene to a more reactive β-spodumene phase. This transformation takes place at a temperature of above 900 °C. Microwaves are a faster and more energy efficient alternative to rotary drum dryers, especially when natural gas is not available at the site. Microwaves may also be more efficient for heating in acid roasting processing.

Mineral Drying

Microwave systems are also used for mineral drying to remove water from slurries, and to dry unfired ceramic clays. Our conveyor oven systems are a good choice for these applications.

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